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It sounds almost presumptuous to want to share one's knowledge about wine. When people tell me I'm a connaisseur I hasten to reply that this is hardly the case: even after years of experience and study, wine can still baffle you or make you look like an absolute novice.


Nevertheless, there is nothing I enjoy more than to discuss and debate about wine. Every taster looks at wine in a different way and from a different background. There are only very few absolute truths, and it is precisely this that makes talking about wine so inspiring.


Feel free to contact me for courses, seminars, tastings made to measure. Some recent examples:


- "Belgian wines"

- workshop "how to choose wine in a restaurant"

- "Winter wines from the South of Europe"

- ....


I am also available for other kinds of advice: filling your wine cellar, food and wine pairing, etc.






Marchand de bonheur

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